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2008 8 mid-North New Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer to South Road Machine , And the formal signing of the South second grader equipment production lines of dry mix Cooperation Project.

South Road Machine dry mixing equipment production line
This is the North New South Road Machine Group and the second level of cooperation. Two months ago, that is, June 18, 2008, North New South Road Machine Group and signed the first production line of dry mixing equipment, production line of this article in the Beijing New Beijing branch will soon be completed. And the signing of the second production line will be built in Shandong Zaozhuang. In addition, the next few years, North New Group will build gradually throughout the country, a number of production lines of dry mixing equipment. We look forward to the South and the North New Group graders more time in hand.

North New Group Background: Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. under the State management of central SOEs directly under SASAC?? China National Building Material Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Building Material Group"). Is the direct instructions of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the investment by the state in 1979, the construction of the largest new building material industrial base. Building materials industry has developed into investment, logistics and trade, development of housing industry as a whole, the total assets of more than 200 billion yuan turnover Chao Baiyi national conglomerates.

New building materials industry as the cradle of China, North New Group has been in the brand, quality, technology and scale of China's lead on the development of new building materials industry, the industry continued to lead the implementation of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. In recent years, operation and integration of resources through the capital, formed "to invest in building materials manufacturing companies rely on to logistics of trade as the core business, actively promoting the housing industry," the business structure.

It is understood that North New South Road Machine Group and signed the first production line has just delivered, has not been fully completed, the second co-operation has already quietly begun. What makes this is called the cradle of China's new Beijing New Building Materials Industry in just two months time, in the first production line has not even completed when the second degree and the South Road machine cooperation?

South Road Machine dry mixing equipment production line
South Road Machine Background: South Road Machine is the first design, dry-mixed mortar production equipment and factory specialized companies. As early as 2004, South Road, the high-end machine in the domestic cement firm Concrete mixing plant , Asphalt mixing plant, after the market, it will be specialized, sophisticated technology into the dry mixing mortar equipment manufacturing, built the first set of dry-mixed mortar production lines. And continue to increase up to international advanced technology efforts, the establishment of research institutions in Europe, hire top technical talent in Europe, the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, has the vibration in the material screening, precision mixing, precision measurement, combustion drying mechanism, electronic intelligent control technology and packaging technology, achieved a major breakthrough in mixing technology, has received 30 national patents.

Beijing New Building Materials industry as a leading enterprise in China, "king of gypsum board," set new building materials, housing industry, chemical building materials, logistics and trade four at one. The "people-oriented, innovation blog," Enterprise Culture and the Southern Road Machine "people-oriented, innovative" corporate culture is not certain and co. In innovation, while North New Group has been regarded environmental responsibility, adhering to the "Resources" concept, and adhere to sustainable development. In addition to requirements when selecting partners in terms of technology and other hardware other than the international level, but also in the corporate culture, philosophy and other service conditions to study the other software in order to find the best energy and North New cooperation partners.

It is reported that the South Road aircraft currently in dry mix equipment design, manufacturing, the highest level of the international frontier, is the only one across the cement, asphalt, dry mortar mixing area equipment manufacturers. Not only provide users with full synchronization with the European environmental protection technology of dry mix production equipment, can also provide market analysis, selection of raw materials to production after the production and application of technology to the end of free technical training, equipment maintenance, upgrading round services. 24-hour call center, all 30 sales and service center for customers to solve all the worries. It only has 5 to 80 tons when the production of a variety of equipment specifications and a flexible structure, but also the actual plant conditions according to the customer and product categories specifically designed for compact, high tower or ladder-type production line.

South Road Machine superb equipment and technology, people-oriented service concept has won the favor of Beijing New to the industry giants in the two months of selection and the South Road Machine degrees cooperation. South Road Machine floors leadership attaches great importance to this cooperation is currently being fully committed to cooperation in the first line of dry mix to do the preliminary work. We believe that with the coming on stream before the two production lines, machines will be further made the South Road, North New Trust, the future cooperation between the two sides lay a solid foundation.
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North New South Road Machine Group And The Signing Of Dry Mix Production Line - Dry Mixing Equipment

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